Distant boyfriend?

What does it mean when a guy gets distant? My boyfriend and I have been dating a little over a year. He's in college (18) and I am a junior (16) in highschool still. I know he is busy a lot with his studies which I dont mind because I expect him to put education before me. I ask to spend time with him whenever he has free time. He always ops for his friends instead. I asked him about it and he brushed me off. I asked if he wanted to break up he said no. So what do I do? I have already told him many times I need more emotional input from him because he isn't meeting my needs. I feel bad because I can't fix it. So what does this all mean?


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  • I was just led on for 6 months by a girl I was dating for 3 and a half years believe me Hun if he's taking you for granted and he doesn't see the issue. He may just not be able to love someone the way you are right now:/

    • I'm sorry that happened. I am sure you are a great guy. It just sucks. I mean there were times when we fought we both thought about breaking up but we didn't. He barely even text me anymore. I'm too afraid to break up with him because even if he doesn't care anymore about me I don't want to hurt him. Secondly, I am afraid no guy will ever love me again because of who I am.

    • He has dealt with everything that comes with me and that is a lot to ask and seeing as the way he has acted I don't know if I want to go through it again.

    • Just don't stretch yourself too thin for a person who isn't there for you. You aren't unlovable there will be others

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  • He probably smashing a side hoe

    • He can barely even talk to a girl without panicking. I doubt he's cheating. But there is always a possibility

    • Yeah but you have to think of every possibility

    • True. I asked him once and he got absolutely pissy with me and cussed me out like I was nuts.

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  • Give him an ultimatum, he won't like it but it will force him to either change or for you to break up with him.

    • I kinda did earlier this week. He brushed it off like he didn't care. My best guy friend said dump him. My boyfriend is very insecure and I get that but I feel like I am putting in more than I get out. I am tired of it honestly.

    • Listen to your guy friend then because it sounds like he's not taling you seriously. Maybe when you break up with him, he'll realize the mistake he's made & ask to be back with you or not.

    • His pride ranks to high for him to do that. We went through that once and I asked him to try with me again. He says he cares but his actions say different. I really am considering what my friend said.

  • Hell you seem to have done everything you can. Just go out with your friends. But him. on the back burner like he has with you if he has a issue just ask him if he understands the feeling now haha

  • Just live your life


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