Guys, Is he stringing me along?

I’ve been going out with this guy lately , He hasn’t tried to have sex with me any of the times we have hung out , but has kissed me and cuddled me. Has asked me to a movie and then reminded me about it the next time we hung out, holds the car door open for me and brought up the idea of me meeting his friend coming down from LA and even bought me food. But when it comes to texting he texts spontaneously and leaves me on read. I feel like I have been reaching out more to talk then he has. What does this even mean? Am I just reading to much into things?


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  • He very clearly likes you. There's a lot of explanations as to why he's leaving you on read, very few of which bode badly for you. The most likely explanation for him not reaching out as often as you is that he doesn't want to seem clingy.

    • I needed that reassurance. So what should I do about this? Just not think into it to much and let things flow?

    • Yeah, just play it by ear. Don't overthink it.

  • Yes. You are reading too much into things. Maybe he simply doesn't like texting a lot.


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