Would you date an unemployed guy?

I'm a recent college graduate living with my parents. I do some odd jobs for a bit of money here and there, but I don't have any steady income. I am looking for a job and doing interviews, but it's hard to find anything with the economy right now. Is unemployment a deal breaker at my age, or will most girls be more understanding?


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  • You're talking about a date, not marriage. :) Personally I wouldn't care. If it got to the point where it really mattered and everything I'd help you look for a job or do whatever it took. Real love and caring for someone is about support, understanding and acceptance.

  • I think girls would date you as long you are really looking hard for work. They say job hunting is a full time job, and if you're treating that way, then girls will respect that. But I would suggest getting a part time job in the meantime even if it doesn't pay much because then at least you'll have some money regularly coming in, and it looks a lot better if you say you're just working at such and such while you're job hunting.


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