Question after first date? it's an unusual situation?

Basically this, I went on a date with a girl,(24) had an amazing time and closed her.
Before the date she mentioned she was going back home the next week for a quick holiday, (other side of Australia, 5 hour flight ) It was to catch up with the ex and some friends.
Now this was all planned before I met her, and we're definitely not exclusive, so it's not an issue..
Just thinking this girl definitely stays at friends with benefits level at the most, and I would definitely be mad to consider anything more exclusive down the line, does anyone disagree with this and thinks she should be given every chance to show me wrong? Cheers.


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  • What are you going off to pin her at that level?

    If it’s because of the catching up with an ex thing, if you look at it her from point of view right now, she’s a single girl so she hasn’t had a reason to give up seeing the ex.

    Personally I admire how she’s been honest about it, that’s a good quality :)


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