How are you suppose to "get out there" when you work a full time job?

I'm 21, I work 40-45 hours a week at a dealership. I work as a detailer, so I'm constantly moving. But pretty much everyone at a dealership is a dude. We have 1 girl salesman, and some office girls but they aren't really my type. Plus, dating in a workplace is kind of a shit idea tbh.

But really what else am I suppose to do? My only options are randomly meeting girls at the bar, which I'm not really into hookups so probably won't be my thing. I have Tinder, but that shit sucks. I don't like small talk, plus a lot of fakes and people far away.

The only real strategy that I'm comfortable with is hitting on girls through Twitter or Facebook. But the thing is, most think that's creepy. I can usually get a couple responses, but I usually don't know what I'm doing so I mess it up. Then the whole interest they had just burns out.


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  • Meeting a girl at a bar doesn’t have to be a hook up lol..

    People need to bring back approaching girls in person lol. In a supermarket, on a walk, in a cafe.. it’s so much nicer in person lol!

    • All those things sounds like a fine way to end up having some chick saying you walked up to her uninvited and started giving her unsolicited attention meaning you sexually harassed her

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    • doesn't matter if you do or dont with some chicks lmao. Besides 90% of women i hear from in real life wouldn't want to be approached when trying to get their chores done like shopping, or are having their "them time"

    • It depends on how things are done lol, and the individuals of course. But there’s definitely certain ways to go about it lol

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  • You know, you're just being too lazy. You don't like small talk? I mean, how in the world do you expect to get to know someone? Everyone works a lot and everyone is busy, but you make time for the things that are important and quite frankly, I know for a fact that you have a lot more free time than you think you do. So my advice? Open an online dating account and hit on women that way. The Twitter/Facebook thing is indeed creepy and I have a hard time imagining that that works, but with online dating, you're basically given an open invitation to speak to all of these women. Put up some pics, learn to embrace the small talk and tell a few jokes. You'll be plenty successful, I promise.


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  • I think this is where social media is your best friend. Apps like Tinder and happn, are great for people that travel a lot. Its often a great networking tool as well. Set up a great profile, and be sure you're a great texter, you'll do great.

  • You are working a normal job with normal hours. You are being lazy lol


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