Will you make efforts to your crush?

He said he likes me but I'm not really sure about his feeling. The story:
I said I will pick him up at airport which is 130km from my place. and he said "I dont want make a hassle for me, it should be me who go there to see you" but before that , he reminded me " we were talking about airport"
I will just pick him up and stay for 1-2 days and back to my place cause I have job
The plan he will visit me on New Year's Eve
  • Yes cause i really like him and maybe it can make him realize that I really like him
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  • No, I'll just wait him to visit me!
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What Guys Said 2

  • It sounds simple. Look, if U love him just go for it, u dont need to play games 🙂 follow ur heart.

  • Go do it follow Ur heart. U probably really like someone only once.


What Girls Said 1

  • Do it


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