Two reserved/quiet people dating - can it work?

I've never seen anyone that reminded me so much of myself. This man is SO much like me, it's honestly strange. His mannerisms, the way he observes the world, how quiet he is.. but I just know he's got a million thoughts about everything in his head.

Problem is, when we try to talk to each other it kind of feels like we're two magnets repelling one another.. like, he tries to talk to me but I get shy. Then I try to talk to him and he does the same.

It's weird, we're so alike and yet we can't seem to progress...

So can it work?
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  • Absolutely! Saves a lot of trouble too. Many people would see that as an obstacle or just think you are dull because they don't know you beyond that. I know this because I'm quiet myself and don't talk a lot in first dates but I'm sure you guys understand, respect and appreciate that about each other.


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  • It could work, give it some time and you'll see. Shyness may go away slowly with time expending it together so yeah, give it a try ^^

  • It sounds like you need to get past the initial shy/awkward phase then you'll be more comfortable with each other.

  • Get a dna test dine to make sure you don't have a secret brother first
    Once that's cleared up I can see it working really well
    U just need that urika moment


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