How to tell if he is not interested in me after the first date?

Actually we still talk via text. I'm in college and he's working so we can't meet everyday. I liked him on the first date but when he tried to make a move on me I pretend I wasn't really aware (because it's just the first date!)
We agree to go on a second one but the way he texted me seemed not as interesting as before. is that a sign or is he just busy?


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  • A sighn. He would at least mention sorry im really busy if he was still as interested. But that might be cuz: 1) you didint fulfull his expectation 2) he feels embarassed about failed attempt. I thought about second one cause that happened to me. When saying goodbye on first day she went for a hug and i thought she wanted to kiss. So that all was really weird. I got embarassed. Although via text she said its okay and she liked it. But we werent even flirty during date just talking about movies; life... and we then decided going on the same date. After that i didint feel like even chatting w her. In the end we stopped talking until we met accidently met irl few times.

    • He did mention he was busy but i had to ask him first. and by the way will me making the move next time be a good idea

    • Sure. If he tried first time he sure cannot wait to taste those sweet lips of yours.

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  • You rejected him. Rejection stings. Females have Vag power so know this less than men. Maybe he wants to bang you. You can tell him you like him but want to know his intentions. Maybe he genuinely likes you or is a pervert douchebag who will drop you once he's made a deposit in the sperm dumpster.

  • How's his work schedule

    • i live in japan and here people have long working hours. But before the first date he would always find the time to text me.

      What confuses me is that he enjoyed our date and said see you soon after it. That night he texted me saying thanks he had a fun night. whats wrong

    • That sounded like he wasn't interested not so much busy

    • Unless you get overtime

  • If he made plans for another date he's interested


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