What Questions should I ask a girl when I approach her for the very first time?

I actually like (Have a really bad crush on her) a girl in my class and I have totaly no idea how to start a conversation with her... pls help me with this...


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  • start to sit close to her and ask her about the class topics and then it will flow. Next days ask her about her FB or something and see if she has a boyfriend or not if not then start to talk about a movie and suggest if she wants to go see it with you.

    • actually she is not on FB or on any other social media site and she don't even have a boyfriend and she stays very far from my house so I don't think so that asking her out will work in any manner as we don't talk to each other very often and wherever she see me she just try to hide her self or she leaves...

What Guys Said 1

  • Don't rapid fire questions about her life it will make her uncomfortable just ask her how her days been or if anything interesting has happened lately and if she is open to chat tell her something interesting about you but don't let it be to personal because it would be awkward make her laugh throw jokes in and use some bad puns but make sure she knows that you know that they are bad and it's a joke

    • This is good lol The one thing that always works and gets them to smile for me when sealing the deal is to say "Has anyone ever held your hand and went to go get pizza before?" Or saying something else funny and sweet, they love it.

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