What do guys think about when you suddenly stop texting?

I have had a crush on a guy in a pretty intense way. We had known each other for a while, but I was never into him as he was popular and I'm not generally interested in 'shallow' guys. However a chance encounter between us happened which made me see him in a new light and I was smitten.

We started texting a lot and soon I just told him I was into him. He rejected me, and said that he still wants me as a friend. I put some distance to get over my feelings for him (3 months not talking), and once I got that out of the system, we resumed our friendship. We talked like normal but he kept flirting, which made me very uncomfortable because i really made an effort to get over him. It was also usually me being more active in our conversations, even though at the start he would call me 'just to hear my voice'. If I text him first, he'll be busy and ask to text later and never text me back again.

Eventually I got fed up because he was so hot or cold, some days he missed me and flirted heavy, some days he wouldn't really be into the conversation. I also felt like he never really believed that I was over him and would say weird things to check if I was still into him. So I decided to cut him out; we're still friends, I just don't make a habit of talking to him regularly.

The last time we talked, I wished him happy birthday with a selfie and he said that he missed him, but was so drunk celebrating his birthday and he couldn't talk. Apart from that, we have not talked for 4 months.

What do you think? I'm over him, but I still think he's a good friend. I just don't know if it's possible for him to see me as a friend. He's a Scorpio if it helps. Any Scorpio guys in the house?


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  • You smell like drama n headache

    • Really? How so? I think of myself as pretty easygoing, but hahaha 😂 I would love more insight from a guy.

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    • The fact he didn't want me as a friend anymore actually hurt me more than the rejection. Thanks for the advice 😊

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