He discreetly gave me the middle finger? WTF?

This post is related to the previous one! I went out with this guy and it was out first date, we went to watch a movie in cinema and while watching the movie He gave me the middle finger kind of discreetly! I was sat in my left side and holding my hand, and had his arm around me and I was kinda uncomfortable and plus I wanted to sit comfortably in the chair and watch the movie but he wanted to god my hand so I just went with it! I noticed while he was holding my hand (left hand) he slight brought his hand in front of my face and raised his middle finger... while holding my hand! I hope it makes sense for you guys! In my head I was thinking "wow nice move dude lol" I kind wanted to tell him that but I didn't say anything! The whole time I was thinking "how immature and childish" we also had pop corn and everytime he wanted to grab some popcorn he shoved his hand in the popcorn box in an angry way! Thanks for all your comments!


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  • Maybe he is confused about the meaning of the gesture.

  • "discreetly gave me the middle finger" 😂😂😂😂 love it

    • Lol I meant he brought his hand right opposite my face and showed me his middle finger while holding my hand at the same time!

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