Updated profile on a dating site to admit I dont have a car. Women immediately stopped messaging me cuz they are shallow right?


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  • Nope. I’ve been on dates where i had to pick the guy up and drop them off. It’s just so weird. Nothing about being shallow at all. It made me feel like i was the man.

    • Thats funny. Cuz I dont recall women complaining about men asking them you out, picking you up, paying for drinks, paying for dinners, movies, bowling..

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  • If you don't even have a car how secure are you in life? You're 30 already, woman your age like to feel secure in a relation and don't want to have to support you

    • So you are judging and stereotyping a guy based on whether he has a material asset. I have a full time job, i pay my bills, im paying my student loans... yet WOMEN judge a man for being responsible and living within his means... because you're gold diggers.

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    • Actually I am a ladies man. I have many frmale friends. I can easily get dates. Im charming and a gentleman. The reason im prissy is as soon as these gold digging women find out i dont have a car they ghost me or act different. Even friends too. I have a right to be a dick for how im treated.

    • This is why guys are players and dicks.

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  • There are some things that you should be upfront about and other things that can wait until you are asked before you reveal that information. That doesn’t mean you should tell lies, but you don’t have to put your whole life story on your profile. Also, if there is good public transportation where you live, having a car may not be necessary to have a decent standard of living.

    • So because women are gold diggers I have to waste my time and wait until date three for them to ghost me once they find out i dont have a car?


  • No because your 30 so females at that age are looking for guys to have kids with and kids require a car

    • So women are judging a man based on his resources not his character. How many guys do this? None. Because we dont think like gold diggers.

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