Can the person you're in a casual relationship with genuinely care about you?

This guy at work wanted a casual relationship with me. I turned him down because I'm looking for someone who genuinely cares about me and wants to be with me.

I'm tired of flings and compromising what I want on the loose idea that things can progress from casual to serious. I'm tired of being used for sex and no guy actually being interested in me as a person.

I'm reconsidering now because it would be nice to have the company but I think that's me being desperate for a connection.


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  • yes and no, its similar to a diet soda that supposedly won't make you put on weight. They can say all the the right things but its likely BS and the end result is the same.

    they can care genuinely for you but not too much


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  • Stick to your guns but that’s just my opinion.
    And yes a man can change from casual to relationship but if he tells you on the front end it’s casual you know exactly what you are getting yourself into and he has no desire to make it anything but casual so beware


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  • sometimes they do sometimes they don't but you usually can tell if they actually care about you by their actions

  • Yes that's how I met my ex


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