Jealousy is killing me. Please help?

Hi there,
I've been kinda seeing someone for a month now but I'm extremely jealous and this is ruining everything. We're distant, I'm paranoid, every time he goes somewhere I think he's hiding something. He keeps telling me that if he'll change his mind I'll be the first one to be informed and that I need to relax. I'm skeptical, I know it's childish but a couple of hours ago I got a notification that he had joined a social network similar to whatsapp called telegram. The guy I used to have a crush on cheated on his girlfriend, whenever he texted his lover he used telegram, otherwise he would simply use whatsapp to text his girlfriend. And for some reason I've been staring at my phone screen for 2 hours checking the time he would be online. I'm so scared to lose him, it's the first time that I have something serious and I feel so stupid and vulnerable. Please help


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  • You need to Chill.
    You're going to ruin your relationship with your paranoia. The more you act this way. The better the chances of your boyfriend breaking up with you than he actually cheating.

    • What's bad is that we're not officially together. We're next door neighbor and I feel like we're stuck in a limbo, we just kiss, spend some time on our balcony and that's it. I don't see him doing something for me, he doesn't even chase me.

    • Have you ever held a convo about what you both are? I mean you kissed and hangout

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  • Just chill. If something is killing your relationship, than that kind of paranoia. You need to trust him.

  • If he loves you he'll be back. He probably knows your jealous. He may test you if he really cares?

  • the only person who can help you is you


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