How to stop befriending girls?

As an introvert I started working in a very social environment aka as a bartender. Girls come and go, so female presence became something natural and always there. But every now and then some stop by and start flirting with me, and me being the nice person I was raised to be end up becoming friends with them and all my chances for a hookup go right off the window.
I don't really know how to flirt, I'm just genuinely nice to everyone so I leave the impression that a friendship is all I'm looking for (even when I'm not)
Problem is... I never had a girlfriend before simply because no one seemed interested in me, but now tables have turned and I get really good looking chicks hitting on me yet I've got no idea what to say or do in order to make something out of it.


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  • More confident, direct and comfortable is the key here. If a girl start showing interest in you just ask straight up if she want to go for cafe after that week/weekend


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  • Man up and make your move brother

    • I would, but how? The fuck they wanna hear? Just throw it out there how good they look and how nice their eyes are?

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    • what i mean when i say get talking to someone, is when these hot chicks hit on you again just ask things about her. what brings her to the pub/club tonight anything particular etc. give her a free drink on the house but really you pay for it lol etc etc

    • The lady has covered for me and it's well said, now grow some balls and do as she said bro. You're still luckier than I am. Good luck!

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