Is she cheating or not loyal?

A girl I have been talking/ dating for the past few months told me that she still talks to her most recent ex. They broke up about 9 months ago and she has told me that she’s over her ex but she also says she loves him and that he is her best friend.
I’m not sure what to think of that. The other day she came over and we hung out and she was texting him on and off when we were together. She was laughing and smiling at his text. Before this, I already expressed to her that I don’t like the idea of that, however she reassured me that their relationship was over and that they were friends. She also said that she, her and and his new girlfriend all talked in the phone together and the conversation went well.

Tbh I’m not sure what to make of this.
I will now throw in more context. This past summer I ended things with my ex and me and her are still talking and actually hanging out. We both struggle with maintaining a friendship and not going over board in our feelings


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  • Whether or not she's over him is not important.
    The thing that is enough of a reason to break up with her is that she's not considerate with your feelings. Apparently her ex matters more than you if she's ok seeing u bothered as long as they keep in touch

    • She’s assured me that they are over w Th but I feel like she isn’t. Should I confront her about this?

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    • Your right. And what about myself. Because tbh I’m doing the same thing. I’m talking to my ex and but we have strictly told each other it needs to be platonic friendship.

    • You can't expect her to cut contact with her ex if u're doing the same. Either end it completely with your ex or don't be bothered by your girlfriend actions

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