Does my ex's behaviour mean anything?

Was with this guy for about 5 months we were not official but we were seeing one another. We both wanted to take it further so we carried on talking but then we both realised it was completely the wrong time as too much was going on and I understood that matter, we both found one another attractive and the last thing he said to me was "I meant everything I said and I really wanted this to work it's just the wrong time, if it was later on we would have went fturher and offical" it's now 5 months later after this happened..

during these 5 months I got a new boyfriend but being with him did sometimes make me realise I missed the other guy and I would sometimes think about him while with my new guy, we broke up now.

amyways at college he always stares until I'm out of his viewpoint, il be doing my own thing and he always stares. Sometimes we lock eyes for a while and he looks quite sad, every time I walk past his lesssons he always stares and il turn round and sometimes he quickly looks away. Other times il feel someone stare and it's him but he quickly turns his head. There's not really a day that goes by where this doesn't happen. When I was with my new guy I had a love bite and he was staring at my neck looking pretty upset. I do miss him and I want things to work out again. everytime we lock eyes I feel like we both miss each other and I know it's cringey but that's how I feel like it is. I know that I have to make the first move because so much has happened and I think he thinks I'm still with my other guy also he's shy. Do you think him staring means anything? I want him back? Especially when I walk into a room his eyes lay on me and if I look at him he quickly looks away. HELP?


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  • He would make more of an effort to be with you.


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  • Go get your man back. It really does sound like you genuinely miss him. It's worth a shot to try and see if he misses you just as much so go ahead and proceed with the plan of getting him back girl ;)


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