Putting more into the relationship?

Girls!! (and maybe guys) Do you ever feel like you're putting more effort into the relationship than your partner? Does this mean s/he doesn't really care for the relationship? Or just because s/he knows that you'll do all the work to keep it going that they stoop trying... i know this isn't all that clear but it's a hard subject to tackle! Thanks


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  • There's no equal effort in this universe. One will always put less than another. It's natural. Only thing that's important is that neither of them should have high expectations, which leads to great disappointment. A good relationship is built on mutual trust and understanding.


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  • I feel like everyone feels that way at some point, guy and girl. Sometimes i feel i put more effort in making time
    for my boyfriend than he does. However, I know he cares and loves me. It still annoying when i make plans and sometimes he cancels because he is tired 😒 but in the end we love eachother

    • Should i say anything to him?

    • I typically do but i don’t make a big deal about t because it isn’t a big deal.

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