Was this too flirty?

So there was this girl who was into my boyfriend and she tried to talk to him in the beginning of the relationship and he flirted back but he said he had a girlfriend and we were like weeks. Now he told me she came talk to him (were 9 months) and he said if I wanted to see the texts I could. He was kinda inappropriate. She wished him a happy birthday and then he made a joke and she said ohhh ure such a jerk imma beat u ahahahah and he said oooh spanking? ^^ ahahha and he also called her babe in that conversation. I was fine with the babe because he used to call babe to everyone when he was single so I guess he didn’t think it was that wrong... he said he didn’t realize it was that bad and he wasn’t even flirting he was just joking. Was this too flirty? Then I got mad at him and he blocked her and everything


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  • If you feel hurt or bad about it than it is too flirty. It's up to you to negotiate what boundaries you want in your relationship. If you don't care that he flirts than I suppose it is not too far, if you don't like him flirting and that was hurtful to you than it was too far.

    • I don’t like him flirting... we never really discussed that. Once on a casual talk he said that flirting is cheating. But he was the one who show me this and he said it wasn’t flirting because it was just a joke...

  • Well it is flirt ish but once in a while it's fine... As long as u trust him...

    • He doesn’t even admit it was flirting... he says he’s always joking around and he was just joking that time... could he not know it was flirting?

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    • Thanks a lot for the opinion... well sometimes cheater love their partner

    • You're welcome... Follow me on Instagram: tejalaveti

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