Could my guy friend have feelings for me?

I've had a crush on a guy I used to work with for 2 years. We were very close and He was my go to guy. I could always talk to him about anything. I would vent and vent to him. A year after he left we started a streak on Snapchat. We've had an almost 250 day streak, and we recently started talking again. I've always liked him and continue to do so, but he has always treated me as a friend and I don't want to show that I have feelings for him, as a defense I've friend zoned him a lot and even told him I like a new manager at the work place.
Well recently I invited him over to Thanksgiving and he politely turned it down bc he was going to be with his family (big red flag right? )
But the next day we began talking about how work has been since he left and he told me that if I'm "ever in need to talk or ever have the need to vent then to hit him up anytime." And that he was "serious about it" He also told me to continue "smiling the way I do 😊😊"
My question is do y'all see some kind of low key interest? or he's just being a nice friend and missing the old times I would vent to him? Is there a possibility he may actually like me?

** I should also add that when we worked together, he was in an 8 yr relationship with someone and we even planned how he would propose. I've always liked him even when he was with her but I've always denied/suppressed my feelings for him. She ended up cheating on him and they've since broken up but I think it's fear that he still loves her that stops me a lot. I saw how he was towards her and he genuinely loved her.


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  • Lemme say this, I have a 300+ day streak with a female friend. Sorta similar situation except I'm in College. When you invited him to Turkey day and he declined thats nbd, honestly family comes first so not a red flag at all.

    Just recently me and my female boyfriend had a talk, and after not speaking for a while in person, admitted to liking each other a whole lot. My best answer is this, its better to say it and deal with acceptance/rejection, rather than regret never saying anything at all. It may hurt if he says no, and it may not be the same, but if he's a good guy like you say, he won't look at you any different. If he says yes, you have an answer, if no, well, you can move forward.

    I know its hard, but just tell him how you feel.

  • Sounds like there is hope from him that you do have feelings for him. If you deny them then dont ever expect anything to happen. No harm in telling him as a casual thing just to find out what will happen. No reason for him to stop talking to you


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