Scared of getting into a relationship?

So I was dumped about a year ago from today and it hurt a lot. I was best friends with this girl for 6 years, we both liked each other, and than started dating and stayed dating for 3 years... she left me for some other guy, said she was bored of me, ended up just destroying her own life and it hurt a LOT. All I could do was pray for her and just try not to think about her. I'm finally better now I think and I've moved on.

But thinking about getting into another relationship scares me... i just started college, have that to deal with. I have time for a girlfriend but I. Just worried that if I am as emotional with a break up and it happens again, I will not do so well in college. Any advice? Should I not be worried?


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  • You have plenty of time, don't stress about it. All the fears will go away once you meet that special someone. I know it sounds cheesy but it really is true. Focus on yourself and the things you love till then. Give yourself some time :)

    • Ya I agree. Thank you. I did have to give myself a year to get over her. I never thought about getting on like online dating or anything. I don't really know if that's the best thing but ya.

  • you should try to date someone. the medicine of broken heart is having date again lol. it works on me. and if u r in love, you might forget about ur past before

    • I thought about that but isn't that just a bounce back or rebound move. I mean ya dating someone right after might help, but what if it's just bc I'm really lonely and not the person for me. I don't wanna screw that girl over

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