Why do I over think things? What should I do? I just want to forget about it for now, but I don't know how I should get it out of my mind?

So I met this guy at a rave. He is my cousin's/sorority sister's (yes we joined the same sorority) best friend. He was with our group so total 4, 3 girls (including me) and he was the only guy. Whenever we were trying to get through the crowd i would just hold onto his wrist for some reason and he would to my shoulder. We gave a lot of eye contact when he gave me the aromatherapy nasal inhaler. Also he wrapped his arms around my waist and we were dancing and holding hands a lot. He stopped for a bit but he told me it was so he could record it then he went back to wrapping my waist. I also leaned in his shoulder to rest and he would rest his head on mine. He also switched places with me cause I kept getting pushed. But also sometimes it felt like he didn't want to talk to me so ughh I felt really confused and didn't look at me.

Later on I messaged him "thanking him" and saying that "I hope to see him soon" and he was like "no problem" and "hope you had fun." And I just told him to keep his promise into letting us in to a party and he just said for sure. I wasn't sure how to continue the conversation so I just ended it there. Why am i so bad at talking to guys sometimes?


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  • Ah girl first of all.. what rave was it? I love raves and edm. And second of all.. it seems to me like he could be into you! I mean yeah he could’ve just been acting nice. Guys can be weird and confusing though. I’d say maybe message or snapchat him just saying like Wryd or hey what’s up! I’m not that great at talking to guys either but I usually look for common interests. Maybe talk about an edm artist you both like? And third of all what’s an aromatherapy nasal inhaler? Hahaha. Honestly though I can’t really say if he’s into you. It’s hard to tell with what you said. Is there any other details that might’ve lead you to believe he could be into you? but like I said my best bet would to be just to talk him some more and see how he reacts to that and how the conversation flows.

    • Hahah I'm really bad at trying to initiate convo, but I was going to wait a bit until he tries to talk to me? I don't know that's kinda why I wanted to not think about it for now.
      1) I went to illenium it was small but so good I wish it was longer 😭
      2) aromatherapy is like this thing you put up your nose and you sniff into it so that you can calm down when you're high
      3) He has been going to raves since high school and I this was only my 2nd rave lol.
      Thank you so much for the advice! I'll see if it works.

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    • Follow me on ur regular account (:

    • Yeah I followed you! I can't message you yet though

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