What should I do about my EX?

After a year of dating we broke up 6 months ago because he cheated. I went abroad for the summer shortly after we broke up. Retuned to the US in October.
My EX hit me up and wanted to hang out. We hung out about once or twice a week until early November. Then he ghosted me. Didn't respond to texts or anything. Around Nov 20th he messages me saying

"Sorry I know I've been distant. I met a girl and we have been hanging out a lot"

I said "oh congrats. Treat her well." And sent him on his merry way. I was hurt. But it was my own fault so I deleted his contact from my phone. Unfriended him on facebook. And started my grieving process.

Until this mother effer decided to send me a friend request matched with a text to my phone saying "hope all is well with you"

The fuck it is... Anyway what should I do?
  • Tell him "yeah I'm doing great, hbu?" But act cold
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  • Ask him where his girl is at?
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  • Ask him why he is talking to me?
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  • Tell him to fuck off and block his Facebook
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  • Pretend everything is normal with no drama. And accept his friend request
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  • Don't reply at all!
    Ghost the m effer


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  • Don't talk to him


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  • Block him without saying a single word

  • Women can never leave their ex's alone... and this is why none of them should be taken seriously. What should you do? what you should have done in the first place...

    • Elaborate

    • I just realized something. I believe you were under subconscious drives concerning how you saw his cheating and this is why you still allowed him back into your life. However, few women will admit this, or dare even consider it.

      What you need to do is ask yourself why you would hang with an ex that cheated on you. This question, if you are honest with yourself, may shed light on this subconscious drive related to cheating that I mentioned.

    • Because my dad is a cheater so I believe that all guys are cheaters at some point of their life and a one time offense could be something over looked.

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