Is it annoying when a girl gets worried too much about you?

Say for example- Your boyfriend/girlfriend posted on social media with a ice pack on his/ her knee? Okay? You texted him at 7 o’clock in the morning to say good morning and such and such. Only texted once, might I add. Yet, he/ her posted at 12 o’clock pm the picture. I’m just genuinely curious, if I would be to text so called him/ her again, would that make them feel bothered? I've also heard that guys don’t like all the texting much, they rather talk in person? Is that true?
I’m just curious how guys think, truly.
Are they annoyed when girls show too much interest in them? Is it annoying when a girl says “I’m sorry” or worries too much? Is it a turnoff when a guy is young like we are and a girl does that to them? I don’t know how guys minds work of course, so I apologize for so many questions. I just wanna know from guys points of views on it or females experiences or such.
Thank you- for whatever response you give. Appreciate it much!!


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  • I think its good than a girl worries about a guy because that means she really cares about him. But of course you need to know that you dont worry all the time. Maybe sou just need to ask a guy if he wants to chat more or talk on phone once a day for like hour or so

    • Thank you! I’ll bring it up.

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