Does this mean he doesn't care?

The guy I've been dating for the past three months has been a lot of fun to hang out with, but the "fun" part seems to be what he's focused on the most (and no, I don't just mean sexual fun, but other fun activities and dates as well). We almost never have deep, intimate conversations though, and he never asks me about my family or my childhood, although we do sometimes discuss philosophy and politics. He seems really into the idea of having someone attractive and fun around, but doesn't seem to want to get to know each other in depth. It's like I'm just there to entertain him when he wants it (he's well-known for being egotistical). Does this mean he doesn't care? It's leaving me unsatisfied and I don't know if I should tell him.


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  • My opinion is that if you are unsatisfied you need to tell him. I think open and honest communication is critical to a good relationship. How will he know he needs to do something different if you never tell him there's a problem?

    My guess is that he might just be someone that doesn't really need or want the deep emotional connection that many of us think is one of the best things about being in a relationship.

    If you want that deep connection and he's not willing to do it, I think that's probably going to be a very difficult thing to deal with long term. If it's already bothering you after three months, I think it will probably be a lot worse after three years if you stay together and he doesn't change.

    What I think I would do in your situation is explain to him that it's important to you to have that deeper kind of relationship and what you think you need to feel that. Then ask him how he feels about that kind of thing. If he's open to it and willing to try it, that's great. If he's not, then I think you will probably have a hard time maintaining the relationship long term because it sounds like it will not be fulfilling for you.

  • Tell him and if he doesn't improve then make the decision of leaving him or staying with him

  • You are going in the wrong direction. Dont you think?


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