How do I talk to my crush?

My crush is in my gym and science and also on my brothers basketball team. Him and his friends are always talking about sex and other girls... he isn’t that popular but I’m scared to talk to him.

He is kind of friends with my brother but I’m scared he will think I’m weird. We make eye contacts a lot, but tbh it might just be him catching me always staring at him. I feel like I’m not good enough or cool enough to talk to him... I’ve never reallly seen him talk to other girls so maybe he is nervous too? I don't know... how to I talk to him or get him to talk to me?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Well, the first step will be talking to him. No relationship will ever form without some communication. Try and become friends (the friendzone only exists if you want it to), the same ingredients that form a good friendship form a good romantic relationship, so if you don't work as friends you probably won't work as a couple. A friendship is a great base for romance to form on, so just go for it. If you don't talk to him you'll miss out on the possibility of a lifetime of mutual trust and love.


What Girls Said 1

  • look for opportunity when you can make it casual
    like "oh guys you again play basketball"
    something stupid like that just to make any conversations
    so as many times you talk about anything it will be normal to talk to him
    and dont put ysf down, you are good enough
    If he is interested in getting to know you, after you start to talk to him a few times, see if after hell start a convo with you


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