Girl and I hooked up she just wanted sex but now I want to go on a date with her?

So this girl and I met on tinder and she said all she was looking for was a one time thing, so we met up and she is half persian and is absoultely stunning. We have sex that night and I drop her off the next day and we go our separate ways. Now I know its not a good thing but I have had enough one night stands, and hook ups to know that it is a one time thing and thats it and she was point blank that, that is all she wanted. But now I haven't been able to get her out my head and nothing about her is what I would call girlfriend and meet the parents material. But for some reason I really want to see her again and I dont mean hook up again I want to get to know her better. So how do I get a girl who doesn't date and only want hookups to go on a date. And if your confused reading this then how do you think I feel i'm completely mind f****d. Any advice would help, preferably from a girl thanks.


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  • no not F up mind just in muddled up situation. And well simply put you should say what you just said to her and see where it goes.


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