When should you ask a guy this?

I started dating this guy again. We dated for like 3 months before but we kinda started to get frustrate with the LDR. We don't live that far away just 2hrs. Aside from that I can admit that I was a little sacred & timid in dating again on top of it being my first LDR. Every time he wanted me to visit it's like I got scared, I mean he never harmed me in no sort of way I just don't know why I was always nervous to go to his hometown. That kind of bothered him (to be expected) he felt like I wasn't trying to meet him half way, the way he ended things was what left me feeling a way. We had a date then the next day he got super distant, vague in the texts conversations, & if I would call he wouldn't asnwer. We finally had a conversation where I expressed how I felt he basically told me we're not on the same page & how he wants to remain friends. A year passed & I never heard from him until like a month ago when he was in my hometown & said he thought about me, wanted to reach out & apologize how things went down & how I didn't deserve that. Afterwards we texted here & there for a while then he asked to see me. I agreed, & it was like we instantly clicked again, same chemistry, same everything, & I realize how much I enjoyed being in his company. Later that night we did have sex... we talked, & he expressed how much he miss me & how we need to figure out a way for me coming up there. The next day we went for breakfast before he headed back home. Today I randomly go on his social media & he made a post saying "random thought, but my little shawty going to be lit". In that moment something told me to not look anymore & just log off but the comments were saying things like "I'm happy for y'all❤️" & "yes she is". The crazy part about it is the time he made the post is the same time we were textin. I don't want him to know I seen the post, but I do want to know if he's dealing with someone else. Should I ask him? What should I do?


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  • Just ask him, you already had sex with him


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