Why man I not getting asked on a second date?

I went on three different bumble dates with different guys. All first dates seemed ok ended normally but none of the guys asked me out a second time. Is it because I'm not attractive enough? Why do guys not call for a second date is it usually based on physical?


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  • This works both ways. Did you make any effort to contact them after the initial meeting? It is very possible they think you are not interested in them as us guys get hammered with rejection on these dating sites. After a while it takes its toll on a guy. I even put on my dating site profile that I no longer contact women first as it is too time-consuming. I also added that the farthest I will travel is one hour and will not reply to anyone who lives in a different country. By doing this I get few women who contact me. However, those that do are truly interested.

  • Maybe they didn't liked your personality...
    I've done it, in the first date if I notice they have a terrible/crappy personality or just not what I'm looking for..
    They're won't be a 2nd date.


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