I wanna be more than friends... How?

Me and the guy I like are really similar in personality. When he asks questions or I ask we both have similar answers. He asks about my relationship status and stuff. We planned to hangout on Friday and get high. We've never talked in person and he said " it might be awkward at first but we'll be good friends." How can our first conversation irl not be boring and awkward? And any other advice is very appreciated!


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  • I wouldn't focus on dating at your age, just work on school, family, friendships! Also yourself!


What Girls Said 1

  • Honestly, just be yourself. Holding back or changing your normal demeanor will only make you feel more uncomfortable. Talk about your hobbies or things that interest you, such as articles you've read or stories you've heard. You're bound to come across something you share an interest in.

    • we have very similar views and personalities I just get stressed when I like someone

    • Just relax and I'm sure everything will go naturally. Try not to worry about it too much before hand. It is possible to even share comfortable silences with someone you're just starting to date. As long as you feel relaxed, he'll pick up on those vibes and enjoy spending time with you whether you're talking or not.

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