Why does she keep saying this?

This girl at my work and I have been flirting with each other back and forth a lot.
So, after I did a favor for her she told me she wanted to see more of me, and she wanted me to keep it simple and show her star wars.
So I planned a fun date and we arranged it, but the morning of she cancelled on me and didn't say anything the rest of the day.
Everything was fine the next week, but whenever I tried to reschedule she said she didn't want to watch Star wars. I asked if she had wanted to just hang out and she said "I don't know."
I asked her if she was busy this weekend and she said no, and I asked if she wanted to do something and she said again, "I don't know". She keeps answering everything else normally, but tells me "i don't know" when it comes to anything about hanging out.
She still comes and says hi to me and stops by to say hi all the time
What gives?


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  • I don’t know

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    • Oh 😕 just ask her again and if she says I don't know then don’t ask her again

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  • Yeah either quit playing games or just quit her. Some girls just like the attention you give


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