My boyfriend doesn’t believe in Romance?

He doesn’t believe in PDA. or showing off on social media. He doesn’t like to celebrate big events (anniversaries or Valentine’s Day) he doesn’t say he loves me or feels we need to say it. He doesn’t tell me I’m beautiful, or the prettiest girl he knows. He doesn’t really say sweet things or proclaim his love to me. He’s told me “in my past relationships the romance lasted about 5 months and then things went to shit. I️ am trying to build something real with you”.

But love has romance and nice words. I️t makes me mad that he can compliment his female friends and tell them they’re pretty, and like photos of random girls to tell them they’re pretty and that he used to be super romantic with his exes. But not with me.


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  • It may be that at the very least you might have a difference in needs from one another or a difference in commitment

    • I️ just don’t know why he says “I’m just not that person anymore. That fairytale stuff isn’t real to me anymore” :(

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    • I️ am too. He told me how an ex of his really played with his heart. She dated my boyfriend. Then she was “emotionally cheating” with a friend (that’s what I️t sounded like to me). Then his ex and that friend dated. Then they broke up and she played with my bf’s heart. Acting like she liked him but wouldn’t be with him and dated someone else all over again.

      The thing is... I️ have never done this! I️ have always been honest in my intentions.

      I️t just hurts. He told me he’s turned cold after that. But, I️ don’t believe him. I️ sometimes take the lack of romance personally ;/

    • I can understand that. It sounds painful to be sure and I hope you can find peace.. perhaps meeting new people or just chattimg with some you trust may help

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