Guys, Why are they staring at me all the time but never say anything? Is one of them interested or am I overanalyzing this?

There are a group of guys that like talk about me a lot and it’s positive things (like I’m pretty or they’re into me etc..) but they never actually talk to me. They also stare. do you know why this might be? Apparently one of them might have a crush on me recently he has been talking about Chinese culture (he even tried to speak Chinese once) with his friend whenever he sees my best friend. (He is very aware she is my best friend.) And my friend thinks it’s because he hopes she will tell me because I’m Chinese. What's with these guys and this guy? Is he interested?


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  • Probably likes you, someone guys feel like they have to work towards getting to know Asians. Might come off racist sometimes and sometimes they are trying to be nice and it doesn't work out they way they planned.

    If you want to stop the awkwardness then be upfront about it. It's not nice and might make things for a little bit but it's all worth while if they understand that you're creeped out by them.

    And if they are mature enough they'll stop and try to be more casual instead of treating you like and alien or... Something (because they are observed you from a far and making comments).

    And it basic up to the two of you if you want to have a friendship or whatever relationship.

  • It's probably to do with confidence, guys who excessively stare at someone typically like them but don't have the courage to face them.


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