The Initial Approach?

When you see a woman you'd like to get to know (Unmarried, because you already looked at the finger) what should you say, depending on setting ie. The grocery store, department store... not a club. Also, a grown mature, professional woman, as I'm a professional working man!


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  • Nice try.
    So you get interested based on looks?
    That's the first thing she'll think :-) and probably instinctively say no. (Unless you compliment her on an act that displays her great/kind/virtuous/generous personality.)
    If you are the grown, mature, professional guy you say you are, you should be hanging around in good social circles. In those circles women will know you are "grown, mature, professional". So you can easily approach them, if they haven't approached you already.

    • I respect that; however realistically we are not always in social settings. If I consider that, then that means I maybe get 3 or 4 opportunities per month (weekends).

      I'm far more likely to have a random encounter like a store or just in passing... hence at that point I only can base my approach on physical.

      Lol, unless I follow her and wait for her to show personality... thats just weird though!!

    • 3 or 4 a month? That's a lot. What are you hoping to get out of them?
      A sign of good personality is for example if she returns something valuable to someone who has left it behind or dropped it. Or the cliche helping an old person cross the street and you just happen to witness it

    • I was talking about being in a social setting. I don't go out every weekend. My biweekly. So it's more like 2 times a month

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