Help! Every time my boyfriend and I are apart, I end up calling him and arguing then crying. What should I do?

I love my boyfriend very much, and I think he is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. When we're together, things are great. However, when we're apart, I start to think about every little thing he's done wrong and when we talk on the phone at night tell him and start crying. I don't understand why I get this way, or if it's an indicator of anything else.


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  • Clearly there is a large flaw in your relationship. You need to address all of the things that bother you about him when you are with him and you need to address the mistrust you have for him when he is gone. This will makes the time separated a lot easier especially if he doesn’t tell you about how he’s fucking your mom.


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  • I done something similar to this the psychiatrist suspected I may have BPD but I was never officially diagnosed with it

    someone recently adviced me to try this try taking some deep breaths before you call or message


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