Has this guy ever liked me?

We watched movies alone. We chat almost all of the time. We always see each other before going to work to buy coffee and bond. We gave each other gifts last Christmas and gave gifts on our birthday. We also enrolled to a free diving lesson and even went somewhere to apply what we have learned in free diving. I know for sure that we are sweet and caring to each other. This is not usual with him to his girl friends and this is not typical for me and my guy friends. But now he has a girlfriend and all of our thing are gone. We’re still friends though.


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  • hmm this is difficult, how old is he because he might be in the stage of wondering about guys or girls

    • He’s around my age. 25-27

    • well then im not 2 sure maybe he just doesn't think your in his league ... he might think you are to goof for him?

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