Girls, Am I single because I'm ugly?

I've been single for a long time. I've also always been self conscious of my looks. I feel like my face looks OK but my body is skinny and my hair is thinning. It's very hard for me to have confidence in the way that I am. I'm starting to think that it has almost everything to do with my appearance. I can exude confidence when I'm in conversation with a woman. I know I can even be charming. Heck, I would even say that I have a strong personality/social presence. I'm just really frustrated that I'm being rejected for something so vain. I know must don't want to admit that it's a factor but it's probably the thing we most focus on. I've even tried to play in my league but nothing is working for me. Do you think I could be a complete loser on the strick basis of my appearance?


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  • Don't know.. what do you look like?

    • Unfortunately I can't upload a photo in the comment section.

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