Is this true, are models really this shallow?

was watching an old episode of the show "next" the other day, and the girl who was choosing from 1 of 5 men, happened to be a model. she said "he's gotta be as hot as her because if she dates an average or "ugly" looking guy, people will think she's a hooker". is she right?

by the way, she wound up choosing a black guy, she's white. Get over it, people, this isn't the 50's anymore


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  • You can not judge reality from these stupid shows. They deliberately pick people who are provocative and outspoken in order to create drama. Half of the time it's not even serious.

    I look on the street and I rarely see couples that are equally attractive physically. Especially men. I see so many models who are dating less physically attractive men. The main reason is because a man's self in the dating market isn't based only on his looks like it is for most women. Women also look at a man's job, his status, his personality etc.

    Also it was a stupid point made by the girl in the show because if a hooker is good looking enough to be a model, she wouldn't be a hooker.


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