Girls, how should I approach a girl at the beach?

I'm wondering have you ever been at the beach by yourself and been approached by a guy?

or would you find it weird if a guy approached you as you were sunbaking and start chatting to you?

or would you be flattered and like the fact that he's come over to say hi?

I'm quite shy so don't know how to go about it, any tips? What should I say / do?


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  • well first try to get an eye contact few times to see if a girlmight be into you and then if you feel some connection... you can just go and say "hi..."
    by that you can see her reaction too and then maybe proceed with " how are you doing?" something like that... as casual as possible... if she might not seem into it... say like "sorry to bother you" and thats it...

    • Thanks that's some good advice. A girl did look up at me the other day a couple times but then just looked the other way as she was laying down sun baking. Would have been hard to approach, I guess easier if they were sitting up, or reading or something.

    • personaly i dont find it creepy, as long as you get am i interested to talk or want you to go away
      If you are good looking or funny/interesting, I think most people do like the attention
      and "creepiness" can be avoided with confidence, while self dubt make it awkward

  • Creepy to approach.

    • This is what I kinda thought. But I keep thinking if it was the reverse situation I'd love it if a girl came up and started chatting with me. So you wouldn't like a guy to chat with you on the beach?

    • Nope, why would I want a guy to chat with me when I’m sunbathing with my girlfriends.

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