For man over 30, do you still do this?

For man over 30.

if you're dating a girl for almost 5months now, do you ask her to be your girlfriend? Or it won't be nessasary to ask since you have mentioned to her that you're not seeing anyone.

Please do let me know your thoughts. Thank you in advance!


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  • I personally believe it's important to be up front about what I want from someone. I don't go sending her a "do you want to be my girlfriend, yes, no, maybe" - card or anything, but I talk to her about what I want and see if that's what she wants too.

    • Thank you for sharing. If he was to say he wants to take it as far as it can go and he's not seeing anyone. Is this a clear sign that its official in a way?

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    • It sounds like you two are doing well then. But I can't stress enough how important it is to make sure he knows how you feel about things and what you want with him. If what he's doing now and saying now is sufficient, then you need not worry. But seeing as you're on here with these questions, I get the feeling you want your relationship with him to be clearly defined, and that's what you need to tell him.

    • Thank you so much. Really appreciate your thoughts on this and will take note on what to tell him without being pushy. Thank you again! Have a good mid week!

  • if you just dating as a casual date and have that been sexual then it's hard to say just depends on your feelings and where you think he is at I am over 30 and if I was sexual with a you I would have in my heart I would already be looking at you as my girl and hoping that you would be looking at me as your man

  • Oh god the what are we talk? Who has time for that

    • Oh no.. really? 😞

    • By the time im introducing you to friends as more than a friend it should not need saying

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