Did I Make the Right Move?

I'm not sure if I made the right move,

I had a good Job, but I fell in love with a coworker... Things didn't go well, my heart was left broken and I tried to stick it out... But I couldn't...

I quit my job... And deleted her from my life...

I got a new job, although my emotional health is improving, I miss my old job a lot...
I don't like this one as much, and I am kinda stuck here for a while...

So I just have mixed feelings and guess I need advice and someone to talk to...

Did I make the right move?

I have a crapier job but at least I don't have to see the girl who broke my heart everyday and my heart is slowly healing.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You did right

    • Did I?

      I still think about her though, I really loved her... It's not fair she is in someone else arms, and he treats her bad

    • I did wrong... She quit right after me

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