How to get rid of her?

Asking for my friend: I really didn't know my kindness would make me pay so bad. Recently, I helped this girl on a project without asking her any favor in return. We became friends after that and now she thinks I like her and always ask me out in front of my friends. I don't want to embarrass me or her in front of other since she looks nice but I am interested in another girl. I've told her this many times but she doesn't seems to get that. I don't know whether I should say a yes for a date and then tell her it will not work or be rude which I don't prefer and end the case. Help me with this please


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  • Just be blunt. If you've already told her repeatedly that you're interested in someone else, and she still continues to put you on the spot, then her embarrassment is her own fault. You're not being rude by declining a date, you're being honest. Agreeing to a date that you don't want to go on will only lead her on and make her latch on even tighter.

    • So how to tell her no?

    • Just be honest. Tell her you're interested in someone else, and want to see where it goes. No need for any further explanation or excuses.

    • That'll be great if it happens as I hope

  • Be honest with her but do it in private let her know that you don't like her in that way

    • Done already. But she always ask me out in public. It gets hard to say her no for obvious reasons

    • Only other option is to ignore her completely she should start to get the hint and if she dont then tell her in front of everyone

    • Seems to be only option left I suppose

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  • Just date her, you won't get the other girl


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