I like this guy but I don't think he's interested and I don't want to ask because I feel stupid. What shall I do?

Me and this guy met whilst out clubbing. We then added each other on facebook and talked the next day, we've met up a few times and we get on well. Anyway, I've asked if he wants to meet again and he said yeah of course. We used to talk quite a bit, but now he hardly replies to me. Don't know whether he's busy or he just doesn't want to talk to me. I'm just confused. He hasn't said anything about meeting up, and I don't wanna ask again because I don't want to come across as annoying. Nor do I wanna message him again.. he's online but not talking? We talked a bit yesterday about what he's going through as I'm always here to help anyone, but its kinda calmed down. What shall I do guys? Shall I just leave him to it, or ask him straight up whether he likes me or not?


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  • Hmmm.. A lots to be answered. You can message me to talk about it

    • Okay, its just confusing that's all. At one point I thought he just wanted sex, but we haven't spoke about that at all.

    • He may be shy..

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  • Met at club. Hmm i dont think you are the only girl. You know

  • Would you rather take the risk or spend awhile thinking "what if?"

  • Sound obvious what the next move is.

    • Not really.. i have no idea.

    • If you are ment to be together then talk to him about it... if it's time to move on, then find another man to not feel stupid with.

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