Dating when you grow older?

I have heard a guy say that it is more difficult for women to get a date as they grow older than it is for men. Do you agree with it and why do you think it is or isn't the case?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Because older men are usually married already. If not, they prefer young women (only shallow idiots), but the ones that are actually smart don’t mind dating a woman of their same age and maturity

    • I can understand that men are naturally interested by younger women as they usually have "better looks" but do you think that would be likewise?

      Do you think girls are attracted by older men? And why is that?

    • Personally I’m not. But some women like older men because of their maturity level. Women who still live in ancient times still believe they’re the prize that men should fight for, so older men means money and stable lifestyle.

      I personally like men who are a few years younger than me or my same age. I just feel weird dating older men I don't know why.

    • Ohhh I see now. Thank you for the insight.

      Have a nice day ;)

What Guys Said 2

  • Women usually want older women in their younger years. When they get older then they have to settle for what they get. For guys when we are younger we take what we get. When we get older we choose our fruits.

  • I see the issue to be character from the beginning which is not limited to one gender, age or mindset. If we can conceive of it we can corrupt ourselves therein and the propensity to label half the good guys and half the idiots is short sighted even to blondness particularly given we are all subject to the same corruption. If you're wanting to pinpoint the division in this country you don't have to look to a political party. That explains it all right there.

    • Not sure if I follow. Do you think there is no difference between men and women in that particular case?

    • When it comes to character no. The peculiarities with respect to human nature come to one as well as to another equally in that all are corrupted and only with respect to the degree to which depravity drives us on in that corruption is where the results are felt more individually. That is what I'm saying; nothing more, nothing less.

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