Have you ever been played?

My first relationship was a lie she never liked me she just went out with me because it was a dare by her friends, did anyone have this experience


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  • no, but that sounds really cruel
    dont let it get to you too much
    not all girls are like that
    im sure there will be plenty of girls that would want to be with you for real

    • It was a year or two ago it doesn't really bother me but I still don't understand the ways of people. How can one be nice and than be cruel the next

    • she and her friends seem like really bad people, some people are like that, now you know that but know there are good and kind people too... you just gotta get better at judging how someone is

    • Despite what people do like the most cruelest things imaginable I can still see the goodness in someone

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  • I was a rebound one time and it was my first relationship.


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  • Girl used my feelings to lead me on and help her through semester one of college lol but that's about it

  • I am not sure but I think yes


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