Is this the beginning of an office romance?

I recently got employed at a fast food restaurant and the person training me for the job has been kind of sending me signals that he's interested. Here's what I believe is evidence of flirting:

- He asked me, not outright but still pretty bluntly if I had a boyfriend. We were joking around and he said "does your boyfriend banter with you too?"
- He tried to wedge into conversation that he was single
- He asked me about past relationships
- He said "(insert coworker name here) said I was flirting with you, but I'm not I'm just training you... not that you'd mind."

And body language includes
- Resting his arm across the monitor to instruct me on how to use the tills
- He had to move closer to me when another co worker wanted to sit down and shuffled a bit closer to them, I think this is an indication because that's something I'd do if I didn't want someone to think I was crushing on them...

I've never had any experience with this sort of thing, not that I'd get involved with a co worker anyway but I don't know... I just wanted some advice on how to deal with it.

Side note, whenever I start to get close to someone in this way, I push them away and generally lose them as a friend too, I don't want that to happen so anyone else with this issue please tell me how to deal with this because I can't be the only one.


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  • can't comment on whether or not ROMANCE is involved, but he’s obviously in to you.


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