Why doesn’t my boyfriend compliment me?

I️ have asked him. He’s said “I’m not that kind of guy anymore”. But, I️ don’t believe him when he says that :/


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  • Many guys does not like to give compliment even they like something or someone they will not admit it.
    So if he is not compliment you it doesn't mean anything.

    I think guy don't compliment because they don't want you to think that u are to good for him.

    • But, in the past, I️ have seen him compliment his female friends on social media. Or, he will like photos of random girls he doesn’t follow. He also has complimented twitch streamers (girls who play video games and stream I️t ) on social media in the past. But, he has never really done this for me. When he first tried to get me he used to tell me i was pretty and cute and hot every once in a while :/

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    • Not even. He has said to me “I️ was just being nice to them”. Why can’t he be nice to me? Most of the time, he never expected me to see those compliments to other’s on social media.

    • Social media compliments means nothing... People just compliments others so that others also give compliments... It is just a like business.
      And many compliments are lie... So if he is not compliment s u it MAY mean he is not lying to u.

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  • Fuck, good luck with him
    I was with a guy who was exactly like this, the relationship went out horribly and ended pretty badly
    If he says something please please believe him, don't make up excuses in your head

    • He has said to me “compliments and tons of romance in relationships isn’t real! I’m trying to build something meaningful with you”. But, I️ have seen him leave nice comments on his female friends photos and video streamer girls who play videos games that he thinks are pretty. He doesn’t leave comments on my photos or compliment me. I️ just feel like he thinks I’m ugly, or “good enough”.

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    • He was badly hurt by his ex, the girl I️ mentioned above. He said “after she played with me, I️ turned kind of cold in relationships”. But, it’s just that I️ have seen him offer compliments to others !!

    • I think we dated the same guy lol?
      My ex is 25 now and he was also hurt when he was 20 (the similarities are mind blowing)
      She was his first love and played with him and hurt him and he hasn't dated anyone until he met me, he was a wonderful guy but put me through a lot of emotional bullshit, I tried to be supportive and help him through it but he didn't want to, which put an end to our relationship, he also broke up with the girl he left me for after a month so..

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  • Cuz whatever he used to compliment you on, he doesn’t think anymore. Aka he wants you to know you’re fuckin up.

  • It's ok. That doesn't mean he doesn't like you.

    • Why wouldn’t he want to tell me I️ look pretty? Or that he loves me?

  • Is he supposed to?

    • Aren’t boyfriends supposed to tell them they think their gfs are pretty and beautiful and hot?

    • All the time?

    • No. Everyone once in a while. But, he never, ever does.

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