Why do guys lie about how they feel sometimes to their partner? As a partner we want to know the others feeling especially if we can fix it?

Also is it bad that I haven't told my boyfriend I am bi? We have been together a little over a year but I know he does not think being gay or anything other than straight is okay. My best friend is gay and my boyfriend respects him and isn't rude but I know he is uncomfortable by him. I love both my friends and my boyfriend but I can't find the nerve to tell him I am bi.


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  • Look right now you're his best friend. He trusts you. He may be distraught if you tell him your bi but if you really need to tell him and want him to know. Then tell him. You owe it to yourself and him to be honest. Good luck girly

    • I mean he knows I have lots of friends who are straight and who aren't. He is always respectful to them even if he doesn't encourage it. I want him to know because its important to me but at the same time i think im insecure about it. I mean I know he's very insecure about himself and i dont want to make it worse. He's great and I really care about him. I want him to be more secure. I know he gets worried he'll lose me but I think we have a great relationship minus the communication sometimes. He doesn't have competition but I know how anxiety is and it can feel like there is.

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  • Hiding is always a bad idea. I would talk to him, and if it's a problem for him then you two maybe weren't meant for each other. But better now than later, because then it will just hurt more.

    • I dont think its that important

    • I mean i think he would accept it but I think the reason i dont want to tell him is because i dont accept myself all the time. I trust him completely.

  • Probably for the same reason girls say "I'm fine"

  • I don't think you should tell. If you're not planning on having theeesomes with other women, I don't see the need of telling him you're bi.

    • No. He is talking about the future and being together. I don't plan on being with anyone else at least I dont think I will be.

    • If you wanna tell him then it's up to you. Personally I don't see the point , but I'm weird like that. lol

    • I think I won't tell him

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