Guys, Why is my boyfriend collecting pictures or half naked girls from social media?

Hi! Was just wondering why is my boyfriend (we are together only since tl5 months) following, liking, collecting pictures of sexy half naked posing girls while being with me. He is following them on FB, Instagram..
Many of those girls he knows, others he doesn't personally.
I think this started long before we got together. I have the impression that he is addicted to boobies... I am not ugly, but I can't compete with y'all and fake huge boobs...
I have asked him why and told me it makes me feel uncomfortable, he was telling me that he likes those girls but he loves me, which is super cute! Furthermore he showed me his Instagram to prove that he puts some likes to some good pics and good looking girls, but there is nothing bad behind.
Well... I do not know if I am exaggerating, but this makes me jealous and my self confidence drops down. I want to add one more important point... since 2 months we kind of stopped having sex... it's rarely happening.
He told me he had a lot going on at work, finding a new flat, moving... and I should not worry because everything will come back to normal.
I am confused because he is treating me like a princesses, but nonsex and naked girls...
Why? What is wrong? Does any of you guys have an explanation? What can I do?


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  • Sounds like he isn't satisfied with you. Maybe like he is settling or something

    • Thanks for the answer! Mmm... settling... what do u mean exactly? And if a guy is thinking of settling down... does he became "weird" or is he finding the girl not attractive anymore?

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    • Primarily outdoor ice hockey, paintball, and outback camping excursions - preferably in the form of a lengthy portage in the middle of mo where

    • Well all this you can do it in Europe as well... actually for camping there are many beautiful and wild places...

  • I think it's the natural thing for some guys, it's such as when either a girl or a guy are out, they see a certain person who they do find attractive, and you may make the statement that you do, whether you're in a relationship or not, some people like to hide it, and some people do it openly as it's natural to find anyone attractive, other than just your loved one! Hope this helps!

    • Thanks for replying!
      This is what I try to tell myself... although it is hard to accept that he find other girls more attractive... :(

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