I really like this guy but I dont know if I should go for him or not?

I really like this guy, we've known eachother for 4 years now but we only started getting to know eachother really well this year. He's super cute, sweet, kind and generous. We've stayed up on the phone really late a couple times. He's never had a girlfriend before but he talks about girls he's liked and I've talked about my past relationships. We're very open with eachother and it's just perfect. He's graduating high school this year and I still have a year left. I'm not sure if I should go for it because he might want to meet new people in university etc.


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  • My senses say go for it, there's no harm in it

    • Don't wanna lose a good friend tho :(

    • Asking a friend out is like a gamble. If they say yes, you'll get everything you've wanted. If they say no, you'll lose everything you don't wanna lose
      the choice is yours

  • Follow your heart ❤


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